Gold Buyers Near Me in Delhi NCR

Exchange Gold For Cash Near Me

Going through financial problems? Want immediate cash but don’t know how? Or, have you decided on selling jewelry to get cash but worried about the returns and the value? Well, you can most definitely come to us at Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd and sell your precious gold items and jewelry to get instant cash against them.

Why Us?

We are the most experienced gold buyers here in this industry as we have been here for over two decades. This speaks volumes about the research we carry, along with the knowledge and experience in this department. Our industrious staff is trained by the industry and is equipped with the best tools to carry out the solution to your problems. We have the latest industry-grade machinery which does not damage your precious items and assesses their value to the best of its mechanics. We use methods approved by international firms to give you the highest market price worth and the best gold for cash near me.

How to Use This ‘Golden’ Opportunity?

Well, contact us via our phone numbers or reach out to us using our email id on our website and/or blog pages. You have the choice in your hands to either book an arrangement at our retail branches/outlets or even save your transport charges and your priceless time by calling our staff members at your homes. We are always ready to serve you, even at your doorsteps. We don’t ask for your old bills, because we know that keeping years’ old bills is very less likely for people today. And we understand our customers’ dilemma and are here to ease your problems, not to make them more complicated. The only thing we need is your identity cards, that too for your security and data privacy. Just bring along your gold articles, segregate them, get the assessment done in front of your eyes in a few minutes and get instant cash in your hands!

Our Company And Services

For the past 10 years we at Cashfor Gold And Silverkings Private Limited provide financial services to all those people who want to sell their jewelry items like Gold, Silver or Diamond. Whether you wanna sell gold coins for cash, your scrap silver or any loose diamond ring, we accept all of them. We know how much these valuable items matter to you and how much your sentiments are associated with it. This is the reason why we have only cut 2% as the service charge on the gold jewelry while the other charge a whopping amount like 5% or 7% percent. Now, due to Covid-19 we have started 24*7 home pickup services that will help you to sell your jewelry right from your home. Now you don’t have to get out of the house to sell them.