Gold Buyers in Shastri Nagar (Delhi)

Cashfor Gold & Silverkings in Shastri Nagar (Delhi)

Situated in New Delhi, Shashtri Nagar is a hybrid of both commercial and residential places. A well-connected place from the Red line, it is one of the best places to either live or visit. Cashfor gold and Silverkings is one such attraction where you can sell gold Karol Bagh at the highest price. Below are a few of the places that you can visit here.

Bandar Wala Park

The park draws its name from monkeys that one can see here roaming around. But you do not need to fear them as there are very few of them left and they are friendly too. The park is an excellent place to either for a morning or an evening walk or to have a nice picnic with your family. There are many swings and rides for children. A large open space can be used to play Cricket or Football.

Karol Bagh Market

Just a couple of minutes drive is all it takes to get you to one of the biggest markets in Delhi, Karol Bagh, from Shashtri Nagar. The market is famous for its hundreds and thousands of shops offering you a variety of products..a perfect place for you to visit after selling your gold to the best gold buyer Shastri Nagar and celebrate with your family.

Gurudwara Nanak Piao Sahib

A Gurudwara situated in Rana Pratap Road which is also known as GT Road, Nanak Piao Sahib is dedicated to the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. It is believed that when Guru Nanak Ji came here in the early sixteenth century, Delhi was ruled by Sikandar Lodi. He stopped here and held a sermon. People from all over the place thronged the place to offer their gifts and listen to him. Guru Nanak dev Ji offered them water from a well that was dug here. The well is still intact and is visited by hundreds of devotees daily.