What Is The Best Way To Sell Gold Coins For Cash In India?

Gold coins are considered one of the best sources of investment by trade pundits. Contrary to the popular belief, gold coins need not be perfectly circular all the time. They can be in the shape of a rectangle, square, triangle, or even oval. In the time when the prices of gold are soaring with each passing day, it is the best opportunity for all who had bought these coins in the past in the hopes of getting the most profit. But are you familiar with the process of converting your gold coins into hard cash? If no, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared this article to educate you all on the processes that are involved in selling gold coins.

How to know the purity of your coin?

Most of the gold coins circulating in the market are either 24 or 22 karats. The best way to know the worth of your coin is to check the bill that the jeweler had given you at the time of the purchase. The purity written on the bill of your purchase cannot be questioned by anyone. But if you have lost your bill, worry no more. Visit any reputable store that has a team of expert gold buyers that presents you with the purity of your coins by testing them with their latest machines. If you are still not satisfied with their results, they take the extra measure of sending your coin to a government testing facility and get the best price for your valuable coins.

How much does your coin weigh?

The weight of your coin is one of the major factors in determining the price of your coin. The weight of a coin varies from a single digit to 100g. If you know the weight of your coin you can put an early estimate to its worth so as not to fall into the trap of deceivers. If you do not know the weight of your coin, you can always visit a reputed store and get them weighed. This will help you to determine the value when you want to get cash against gold.

Keep up with the news

Before hitting the market or calling any dealer to sell gold coins make sure you have all the information regarding the current selling price. This will help you to get the maximum price even if you sell gold online. Many buyers deceive their customers by presenting false numbers before them. Most of the time the sellers are in dire need of money and end up selling their gold at a very less price. This is why it is advised to check the price from an authentic source such as a newspaper before calling anyone.

Where To Sell Gold Coins For Cash In Delhi NCR?

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